Iberian red deer hunting in Spain

Dear Hunter, we have permits for Iberian red deer hunting in Spain yearly. Our team runs private hunting grounds in southern Spain and permits for hunting in public areas in northern Spain. 

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The best moment for Iberian deer hunting in Spain: the deer rut

The deer stalking is the perfect time and way to bring down the best trophies. The mating season takes place from mid-September until early October (deer rut). It is a time when the males are focused on covering the females and are more easily seen. Moment that we take advantage of to correctly select the animals to hunt, obtaining both medal trophies, representative or selective.

The deer rut, in addition to the trophy, takes us into a true spectacle of nature. The deer fight tirelessly protecting their group of females, which are ridden regularly by the best animals. The sound of the bellowing while we hunt is an indescribable moment and one that we always recommend to our clients, since in addition to the trophy, they will always remember the set for everything that surrounds it.

Iberian red deer hunting in Spain: our northern hunting area

We have permits to hunt deer in hunting grounds in the north of Spain, between Cantabria and the north of Castilla y León. The landscape is extraordinary and wild where extraordinary trophies can be found. Lodging is in comfortable rustic hotels near the hunting area with excellent Spanish cuisine and where hunting becomes a relaxing experience to disconnect from routine life.

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